NAB 2014: What I learned

Just got back from this year’s National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas. A few thoughts:

The After Effects and C4D communities are full of incredible and generous people.

Next year, everyone needs their Twitter icons on their badges.

I’m finally allowed to tell you I made the Goatmeal Stout splash screen. I am way too proud of this. I made a tiny hidden piece of After Effects, guys!

It is possible to attend a training session solely for the purpose of trolling someone who couldn’t go.

BitTorrent Sync is faster than FedEx for distributed production workflows.

Some of my crazy ideas are actually possible.

My favorite new product is one I’m not going to use personally — it’s one that provides me a one-word answer to a question I’m asked all the time. Musicians who want to film performances: buy a Sony HDR-MV1. Done.

It is possible to be so tired you can’t sleep.

I will sit through a demo of anything if you give me a free cup of decent coffee.

The Oculus Rift still makes me ill. But that out-of-body experience was worth the dizziness. Apparently they “fixed” the booth setup not long after I tried it, but looking around and seeing yourself standing a couple feet away, then looking down and seeing you don’t have legs? Absolutely wild.

It’s not NAB until you’ve snuck into something. Hi, I’m “Karen Flowers”.

Twelve years after it happened, I finally have photographic proof of my best crazy job story (Thanks Eric!). Here’s why I got laid off from an editing gig in FL:

Don't worry, the guy who fell on my desk was ok. But that was the end of my gig.

Not my fault. Electrician fell through the ceiling onto my edit bay. He was ok, computer not so much.

The “WWII from Space” maps are much nicer than mine, but they couldn’t find the shapefile I’m looking for either. This is oddly reassuring.

Go-karts cause shoulder welts?

More ladies, please. I think I met nearly every female motion graphics person at the show, and there aren’t nearly enough of us.

What happens in Vegas during NAB probably gets filmed in 4K.

A lot of people I didn’t realize listen to Actually Happening listen to Actually Happening.

NAB is faster than Google for solving your technical problems.

The City of No Clocks is a poor choice for getting over jetlag.

You can pack light, as long as you accept all free t-shirts offered.

The giant frog is singing “Low Rider” now. But the Lake of Dreams closes early.

A non-smoking room at the Riviera is just “whether or not the person before you smoked in it”. Don’t stay there unless you’re checking in early enough in the day to get a renovated room. They don’t hold them even if you have a confirmed reservation. Better yet, don’t stay there.

Networking isn’t hard when it’s with people you actually like.

Memory foam shoes are magic but still not enough to save you after three days walking the show floor. Ow.

Hanging out with people nearly half or twice your age is fascinating. Be the elder statesman giving advice to college kids trying to figure out their careers, then feel like a total newbie listening to tales of the old days. Someone met a guy who has been to 47 of these things.

It is possible to keep Kevin occupied for days on end with just a piano and exceptionally good tacos.

Trust the recommendations of locals. Tacos El Gordo, between the Wynn and Riviera? See above.

Honest bus announcements: “Next stop, more places to drink and gamble, basically.”

How did anyone do this before Twitter?

Thank you to everyone, friends new and old, for a wonderful time. See you next year!

New Site Layout

Finally got around to redoing the site. Still have a few more tweaks, but I’ve hopefully cleared out the bitrot and will actually get back to updating this thing once in a while. It’s also well past time to update my portfolio and recut my reel. Being a staffer makes me lazy about that.

VVPA Website

Before and After: A new site for the VVPA

Launched a new website for my neighborhood association this weekend. It’s pretty shiny, if I do say so myself. And a lot more functional: not only has the site data been migrated to WordPress (including everything from Word and PDF documents to an entire separate website of summer film screening info), there’s a new logo, snazzy new maps, and built-in MailChimp campaigns and social sharing. It’s getting things much closer to a “write once, publish everywhere” model, which saves everyone time and is good for the neighborhood!

And, for reference, here’s what it used to look like:

Eyebeam Vision Research Group is back next week

Join us next Monday:

The Eyebeam Vision Research Group is a monthly meetup focused on new forms of visual data and display. We play with experimental hardware and software, explore the possibilities created by the proliferation of affordable, hackable tools for capturing depth and motion, and try to figure out how to incorporate them into our work, whether that’s animation, digital art, live or interactive visuals.

We’re kicking off the fall season with a meeting on October 7 at 7PM at Eyebeam. Bring work you’d like to present, find out about upcoming projects, try out cool tools, meet potential collaborators, share your wild ideas.

It’s gonna be fun. Bring cool stuff!

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