The bill's path through the giant pop-up Capitol

No Schoolhouse Rock Here

People keep asking what exactly it is I *do* at my job.

Well, I’m our animator/graphic designer, so pretty much any visuals — print or motion — that need to be created go through me. I don’t really do character animation; my work is more titles and graphics to explain things — elements to add to the overall ‘look’ of a live-action film rather than the films themselves. I also design most of our project proposals, which is cool because I get to find out what’s in the pipeline.

One of the main things I’ve been working on lately is a set of videos for the Annenberg Foundation’s Constitution Project, a series of educational films designed to make US politics and history relevant to high school civics students. (You can watch them free online at, but you’ll need to register.) They’re pretty fun viewing and I’ve had a lot of creative freedom with my sequences for them.

Here are some stills from The Making of a Law, coming soon to a school near you! The graphics scheme for this one was based on vintage pop-up books (it begins with a mock fairy tale of the legislative process), so everything has a flat papery look to it. Thanks to my snazzy new blog plugin you can scroll through them image-gallery-style. :-)

The bill\'s path through the giant pop-up Capitol Storybook Cover

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