On the Mend

I’ve been sick for a couple weeks now, but the antibiotics finally seem to be doing their thing. Updates with slightly more content should resume shortly.

In addition to wandering around in a haze and attempting to sleep under my desk, I’ve been working on graphics for a series of short films about Japanese internment during WWII. Certainly not the cheeriest topic, but interesting nonetheless. I didn’t know much about it going in, so I’m learning a lot from this project — even if I can’t go crazy-creative with the visuals.

I’ve also gotten to design several proposals for documentaries my company’s hoping to put into production. I really like proposals. There’s just something very satisfying about the process: you’re taking something still in the planning stages, condensing it into a solid presentation, giving it a visual style and adding a bit of polish. It definitely makes potential investors go “Oh, you’re really serious about doing this…” way more than a Word document can, and helps everyone involved get a sense of what the film will look like.

I always get really excited about film proposals and they in turn make me excited about the films. :-)

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