We made a magazine in 24 hours!

A couple weeks ago I was part of the Issue Two crew for twenty-four magazine. It’s definitely worth a read — you can buy it now in print or PDF form. And, as the name implies, we did indeed make the whole magazine in a single day.

This issue’s theme was “limits,” and there’s a lot of great content: interviews with Scott McCloud, Cindy Au of Kickstarter, and the creators of Indie Game: The Movie; articles about the creative process; beautiful art and photography; poetry and cocktail recipes; even a balloon dress and a couple pretty fabulous hats.

I contributed a series of 3D photos which were printed as red/cyan anaglyph images. I spent way too much time crossing my eyes at various screens in the process of making them, and the combination of not sleeping and eye strain meant the last few hours of magazine production were literally blurry for me. But I wanted to do something where I could play with the limits of print technology, and reports from owners of 3D glasses suggest the effect actually works pretty well! (I very nearly bought a huge bulk package of glasses so we could ship them with the magazine, but the cheapest ones were all Jonas Brothers themed, for some reason…)

You can see a bunch of the pics as animated GIFs over at the magazine’s Tumblr page, but a quick warning is in order: looking at all of them at once is sort of mind-bending. I thought it was just because I was posting them at 4AM that I found them so disorienting, but they’re just as weird now that I’ve rested and recovered (click to animate):

So, yeah: go buy a copy! :-)

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