A Silly Thing: Monsoon Poultry Hospital poster

I’m a big fan of the British panel show Mock The Week. A couple weeks ago I got bored while waiting on a render, and made a poster for the big-budget American release of Monsoon Poultry Hospital:

I’m particularly proud of the fact that that’s an actual x-ray of a chicken wing. For context:
YouTube Preview Image

SHAMELESS PLUG for those who are new around here: I host a panel show of my own, Actually Happening. We make fun of history and current events on a weekly basis.

5 thoughts on “A Silly Thing: Monsoon Poultry Hospital poster”

  1. This is so absolutely brilliant. I’m so impressed! I’m American and LOVE Mock the Week but none of my friends understand this reference, so I think I’ll have to show them the episode and then show this poster…I can’t stop laughing!!!!
    Cheers :)

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