The new KinectToPin is finally here!

After a lot of work (and not a lot of sleep), the all-new KinectToPin has arrived. It’s Kinect motion capture for After Effects in one convenient package! Well, actually, two convenient packages: KinectToPin now includes both a standalone capturing app and an After Effects UI Panel plugin. It’s also about a million times easier to use, and has a ton of new features — automatic setup and rigging (no more coding), direct XML import, 3D features, audio playback during capture… I’m tempted to quote the RUCKUS NYC Kickstarter infomercial and say “And it just! Keeps! Going!”

It also has a snazzy new website all to itself: kinecttopin.fox-gieg.com. Download it and give it a try, I’d love to see what you can do with it!

YouTube Preview Image

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