Blasting rocks with lasers: a “monumental” birthday present

When Kevin‘s brother turned 30, Kevin said we should get him something “monumental”. I, being my usual smartass self, said “What, like a monument?”

And, well, here it is: a victory stele commemorating the first 30 years of Dennis’ life.


There are fish because he’s had to travel to Norway in the dead of winter to inspect salmon farms, and a winged lion because WINGED LION.

It’s laser-engraved on stone, a medium I’ve never had a chance to try before. The design is an intentional mishmash of multiple ancient cultures, and the text is transliterated into Linear B, so, uh, it’s going to be a delightfully confusing find for any future archaeologist who stumbles across it.



The stone is actually a floor tile, and for unknown reasons when the EtchPop guys carved it the laser turned it white, so it’s actually easier to read than I expected!

…except for the whole “Linear B” thing, which makes it… not exactly easy to read? Dennis is trying, though:

This was really fun to do, so… If you need anything designed to be carved into stone with a laser, let me know!

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