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DIY Adobe Anywhere: Collaborating in After Effects and Premiere via a Synced Dropbox Folder

So Nick Campbell of Greyscalegorilla fame mentioned at NAB that he got Cineware working across multiple machines via a Dropbox shared folder.

Someone else at the same presentation mentioned that Cineware + Dynamic Link lets you go C4D -> AE -> Premiere without rendering.

I put two and two together, and went “Wait a sec. Does that mean you use Dynamic Link via a Dropbox Shared Folder?”

Tested this in CS6 today with Mike Feldman of Hungry Man, and… it… works? Sort of?

It’s not true live updating — you need to unlink/relink the comps or reopen the Premiere project to get them to refresh. But it’s pretty damn seamless. No more downloading/saving/rendering/cutting in etc. Just “Oh hey, it’s here.”

I can see this being especially useful for projects where you have a ton of small, lightweight things that change frequently, like lower thirds and titles, but there’s no reason you couldn’t do more.

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