PRISM PowerPoint Redesign

So I’m not sure why anyone was really shocked by the whole PRISM thing — I can’t be the only person who just assumed this was happening all along?

But wow, those slides are terrible. Yikes. For something designed to find important information buried in a lot of nonsense, it makes doing exactly that a lot of work for the viewer.

A lot of it isn’t even about layout (though the layout’s indeed awful): Slate did their own redesign with a pretty timeline, but their version maintains many of the original presentation’s more serious information design problems: unrelated facts in boxes, logos for no reason, unreadable visualizations.

First off, let’s start with the PRISM logo:


What is this, a shareware space game for Windows 95? Come on, guys. You can do better than this! There’s obviously some powerful cutting-edge tech behind what you’re doing, so why not look like a slick web startup?

While we’re at it, let’s make them seem a little friendlier (after all, secret government data miners are people too!).

logo v 01

That’s better.

And now, the revised PowerPoint.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s no reason this had to stay the same number of slides, so I reorganized the information to make more sense. Took out a lot of extraneous details, too. Makes it so much easier to focus on the whole “spying” thing!

EDIT: Big versions of the slides are here.

27 thoughts on “PRISM PowerPoint Redesign”

  1. Thanks for doing this, those original slides were terrible. If you’re gonna turn the world into a paranoid sci-fi movie, atleast look cool doing it.

    1. Whoa…cool! You have a job? That is so awesome! And yet, I myself still find the time to draw political cartoons to entertain my friends, family and fellow human beings. Besides the fact that I am also unemployed and have been for quite some time. Still looking for a decent job though. In the meantime…buried deep in my teeny, tiny Los Angeles apartment studio, I slave away on sketches and drawings of political characters who just beg to be mocked. :-) I DO like your comment though.

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