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short-hair!Hello. I’m Victoria.

I’m the Product Manager for Motion Graphics and Visual Effects at Adobe.

Before joining Adobe, I was a motion designer for documentaries for over a decade, as well as a developer of scripts and extensions for After Effects.

My work has appeared on shows like FRONTLINE, American Masters, Primetime and 20/20. As Director of Animation at The Documentary Group (successor to Peter Jennings Productions) I oversaw graphics, animation, and design for dozens of productions across broadcast, theatrical and educational markets. As a developer, I consulted on broadcast automation, developed tools for motion capture animation with the Kinect, and created the commercial After Effects scripts Take This, Credits Are Due, and Layer Selector Toolbar.

Outside of the office, I run a history/politics/comedy panel game podcast called Actually Happening. Occasionally the top-rated explicit history podcast on iTunes!

This is my personal website, opinions are my own, etc.

Get in touch: victoria@victorianece.com.


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