Map Test

We didn’t end up using this look, but I like the low-poly relief.

2016 Project: 747 Schematic

2016 Project: WWII Map

Modern recreation of archival maps from WWII

The Homefront

Opening title


Testing geoJSON import in GEOlayers.

Constitution Project: The 14th Amendment

2016 Project: Globe

3D + data


Maps of Iraq and Syria

Jersey City logo

Branding pitch

Van Vorst Park Association

Logo and website

Changing Face of Harlem

Opening title sequence for feature documentary.

Wanderlust – 3D Logo

A 3D version of Wanderlust's logo for web.

Homeland Confusion

Afghanistan Map

This didn't get used in the final film, but I really like the look.


Animated retelling of the Crawford v. Washington case.

Yearspace (In Development)

Here's a sample from the After Effects timeline-building plugin I'm working on.

Poems Without Names (Concept)

Workflow test of painted-over 3D models as set for multicam digital puppetry.

FRONTLINE: Climate of Doubt

Actually Happening: Machine Politics

Kinect mocap puppetry.

Angular Momentum

Still from a transition in a temp opening title for a film about naval aviation.

Film Loading Procedure

A few weeks ago, I bought an 8mm movie camera from 1962. I’ve started making collages out of pages from the manual.

Dolly Mapp Digital Puppet

A still from the upcoming Constitution Project film Search and Seizure.

Edmonson at Construction Site

Boxing Founding Fathers!

Career Satisfaction Program

Timeline from a series of films for the US Army explaining the Career Satisfaction Program.

Steve Jobs, Interrupted

Revolutions are Depressing

Seriously. Here’s my attempt at making Valley Forge look even sadder than it does in the plain engravings.


Fun little freelance project in which I motion-tracked and composited a series of designs onto footage. Random thing I learned working on this project: the thing at the end of a bowling alley that resets everything after a frame is called a “pinsetter” — and the patent drawings of one are neat.

Ledbetter Cartoon Effect

From A Call To Act.

The Bill of Rights: First Amendment

I was on a bit of a WPA style kick at this point.

Edmonson Roto Effect

Title card of Jury Selection: Edmonson v. Leesville Concrete Company.

Let Freedom Swing: The Three Branches of Government

Still from Let Freedom Swing, a curriculum and series of films examining the connections between jazz and American democracy.

Yick Wo and the Equal Protection Clause

Digital puppetry within a 3D set created from a single vintage photograph. From the film Yick Wo and the Equal Protection Clause.

Chart from Over a Barrel: The Truth About Oil

Still from an animated chart of oil refinery profit margins. Part of the ABC News special Over a Barrel: The Truth About Oil

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