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Script in progress: a Leap Motion recorder for After Effects

I’ve been building a tool for recording 3D motion tracks, camera moves and hand gestures direct to the After Effects timeline¬†with the Leap Motion.

There’s still a ways to go yet on development. I have to create¬†the UI and tweak the hand puppet rig (and, um, make the hand tracker work with right hands…), but I think this is going to be a useful addon for both literal hand-animation stuff like UI demos and pre-animating gestures for Character Animator puppets, as well as more subtle things like organic camera shake.

The Leap is quite precise in its data — you can even tell different people’s hand tracks apart.


Shaky camera move:

I’m thinking about calling it handMade. Good name?


Kumquat Cheering Squad: A silly Processing sketch for the LeapMotion.

I present my first-ever app for the LeapMotion: Kumquat Cheering Squad.

It’s a little Processing 1.5 sketch in which a bunch of friendly kumquats cheer you on. They will follow your fingertips or the point of a pencil or pen around the screen. It’s extremely silly, but it was a good first exercise with the Leap. And there’s a small Easter egg in there for you to find if you’re inclined to hunt for it. :-)

Here it is in action:
YouTube Preview Image

Why kumquats? I made this for Issue 4 of #24Mag as part of the Transmedia Chain — a recurring feature that’s essentially a game of Telephone between different media. The Issue 4 theme was “Audience” and the chain began with Steven‘s story about practicing a speech with only a single (tasty) kumquat looking on. I added more kumquats. And faces.

The Leap is a great device, but it has a ways to go. It’s going that way pretty quickly, but right now it still tends to get confused about which fingertip is which and how many there actually are, so I had to build something that didn’t rely on hand models or a single tracked point. If it loses track of you, KCS just adds another kumquat, no harm done.

I have somewhat grander plans for the future involving the Leap, but for now, I’m just excited to get something simple up and running.

(Thanks to Nick for helping optimize my code!)