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A Faux Train-Passing-By Title Sequence, or How to Fill 20 Seconds With Five Rectangles and Two Keyframes

So Kevin needed a title sequence for one of his latest projects, a series of (very!) short films of his compositions based on Erin Watson’s poems inspired by @horse_ebooks tweets. One of them is set on a train platform, but was actually shot in a parking garage, so I wanted to add some “train-ness” to the film. But this was a super-super-super quick thing, so I didn’t want to bother with, say, actually going out and filming a train. So I made one.

Out of five rectangles and two keyframes.

YouTube Preview Image

How does that work? Roughly like this:
1. Make a “train car” comp that’s a big rectangle with some smaller ones for windows, like so:
Picture 39
2. Keyframe it looping once forward using the Offset effect, and cycle that with a loopOut expression.
3. Blur the hell out of everything. Crank the shutter angle way up on the motion blur.
4. Add some flicker by applying the Exposure effect controlled by a wiggle expression.
5. Tint, add some grain and vignetting.
6. Throw some text on top and some train sounds underneath, and voila — easy semi-abstract titles in about five minutes!