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Sample - Early 20th

Yearspace: Sneak Peek #2

Yearspace, my snazzy new timeline-making script for After Effects, is feature-complete and allllmost ready to go.  Check out what you can do with it:

I’ve gone kinda nuts with the era background feature in these examples — it’s really fun to play with. As the timeline moves, the era regions slide back and forth with the years they’re linked to, but they function as mattes so their image backgrounds remain static. It looks super-cool in motion.

There are a few wonky bits that still need working out (and one missing function that seems to be just plain un-scriptable, sigh), but I’m hoping to have it done soon — I’m going to be using it a ton at work in the next few months.

Interested in beta-testing? Let me know!

Timeline Sample 01

Sneak peek at Yearspace: A timeline-building script for After Effects

I’ve been working on a new After Effects script (probably going to end up as a UI Panel, actually) designed to automate the process of building an animated timeline. Before you get too confused: when I say “timeline” I mean “a graphic display of years of history” not the program timeline. I work on a lot of history documentaries, and being able to snap things to years should make life a lot easier.

If the only thing you do is give it a start and end year, you get:

  • Year, decade and/or 5-year tick marks
  • Year and decade text labels (with optional BCE labels if you need to go back that far!)
  • A snazzy controller null that lets you zoom through the whole timeline without leaving the frame window
  • Display settings so you can resize elements for different looks, offset the ends of the timeline from the edges of the screen, and switch between center and bottom aligned tick marks

…and all you have to do is type in two numbers!

But wait, there’s more! Once you’ve created a timeline, there are a bunch more fun things you can add to it:

  • Eras — screen-height regions that span a set of years. You can add section headers and set images or video as backgrounds
  • Events — flag important events and have them automatically snap to the year they happened
  • Link any layer to a year in time and have it stay in place — even if you change the start or end dates
  • Auto-fade out the smaller details when you zoom out for a wider view

Would you use a tool like this? Any other features on your wishlist?